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About Down to Earth

Discover how to handle stress and worry, to sleep better, how to find more peace, more calm, more ease.

Take some time for you, to learn how to really take care of yourself.

Down to Earth, founded by Vicky Proudley, offers MBSR — Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction, courses to the general public. My ethos is to be relatable, relevant, informative and inspiring.


I hope to share what I have learned through my own personal practice of mindfulness and my study of teaching mindfulness-based courses so that you may take what you need to help you in your own life.


My intention is to share mindfulness skills with you to help you feel better and thrive. My approach is practical, realistic, down to earth.


Finding and keeping peace and balance in life is tough, maybe you are feeling pulled in lots of different directions, running around in circles and feeling like you are chasing your tail?


Before I took my first MBSR course I felt like a hamster on a wheel, just going round and round and hardly ever feeling like I was getting anywhere. Life felt draining and relentless, I was juggling being a working parent, a demanding job and being all things to all people. I didn’t feel at ease or get any real peace or joy that lasted.


Maybe you often feel worried about things in the future or find yourself dwelling on things that have happened and can’t be changed?

Perhaps you have a medical condition that is difficult to live with? As well as being a mindfulness-based approaches teacher I am also a Registered Nurse and have years of experience working with all age groups and many different types of health issues.


Down to Earth’s intention  is to support you to learn the skills of mindfulness meditation and  build them into your daily life to help you bring more clarity, peace and joy to your life. To help you take good care of yourself and to support you if you are stressed, in pain or have a medical condition.


There is no target audience for MBSR, it can support those going through great difficulties and those of us who are simply finding daily life tough, feeling weighed down by the everyday stresses and strains of life.




"I've just completed the 8 week course with Vicky. My overall feeling is one of gratitude to Vicky for introducing me and taking me on a journey of learning in mindfulness practice. I came to the course wanting to learn how to bring mindfulness into my everyday life, I consider my life to be hectic as a wife, mother of three children and doing a busy college course. Vicky has taught the course in a very supportive, enthusiastic and human way. She clearly has deep knowledge and belief in mindfulness practice and she's shared that each week in a structured yet gentle manner. I've felt very secure, not judged and listened to throughout the course. Mindfulness practice is now part of my everyday life, and whilst I know it's still a work in progress for me, Vicky has given me an excellent foundation in the practice to take forward in my life. Thank you Vicky x"

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