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Review from a recent participant

Dear Vicky, 


Please find my summary and feedback of your recent course.

Format: Via Zoom Webinar sessions

Time: 6.30 - 8pm

Day: Tuesday

Length: 9 weeks including introduction. 

Completed:  1st July 2020

Due to lockdown we were unable to meet together due to social distancing. Vicky provided information and an introductory session to the group online to explain the format and content of the course over the following 8 weeks. She  would provide weekly workbooks and links to audio mindfulness practice.



The sessions were for 1 ½ hrs on a Tuesday, early evening. This was family friendly and I was able to attend 8 sessions. The Zoom sessions were a new format to me but I enjoyed the privacy of my own home and there was no traveling, so more time spent with my family. Occasionally there were technical difficulties but Vicky was a proficient Zoom user and dealt with it all very calmly and professionally.


Her sessions had structure and we were informed at the beginning what would happen each week.  The  Mindfulness practices were interesting and varied. She has the most amazing voice to listen too and her tone was soothing and I must admit I did relax enough to fall asleep a couple of times. 


She gave us homework each week but there was no pressure to formally show any evidence. We could record our thoughts, work and practices and discuss the following week.


There was never any pressure to contribute, so perhaps the more vocal participants spoke more each week. The breakaway groups were very useful to get to know other members of the group. I did seem to speak to Vicky quite often in these smaller groups but that was a bonus. One week I was unable to fully hear the lesson so she arranged for us to speak the following day to go through it. 


Personal reflections and thoughts:

I feel so grateful to have participated in this course. I wanted to learn more about Mindfulness practice for students that I deal with at College and had no idea how much this was going to help me personally.


Vicky is an excellent teacher. The time flew by and I looked forward to the following week. It was a haven during lockdown. I started to incorporate the principles into my daily life and felt the benefits almost immediately. I slept better, took more care of my diet and increased my exercise. Relationships improved as I feel I have learnt to listen better too.  It has been a very personal journey.

I have started to recognise my stressors and have learnt how to relax more. I learnt how to let things go, I worry less and care more about what really matters in my life i.e. the wet towels on the bathroom floor don’t irritate me any more! Well only sometimes.

I already had several activities that I did to help me cope with the world, but they now have more importance in my daily life. It has helped me realise taking time for me is essential. You have taught me mindfulness techniques that will remain with me all my life. It has also given me the desire to learn more about mindfulness and I would like to study it further. 


“I highly recommend this course. It will change your life.”


I wish you all the very best in your ongoing career Vicky and hope you will continue to teach this course to many more nurses and others. 

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