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Kind words from recent participants

"I have suffered from stress and anxiety from an early age and have tried many ways to manage it but over the past couple of years it has escalated. I decided to try mindfulness as a coping strategy to hopefully provide me with some calm and positive thinking and to give myself time in the day for myself no matter how small that might be. What I am also trying to achieve is the ability to stop judging myself and accepting the behaviour of others, it all takes time but it is so worth it?"

"I feel so grateful to have participated in this course. I wanted to learn more about Mindfulness practice for students that I deal with at College and had no idea how much this was going to help me personally."

"I took Vicky's course as I wanted to bring regular mindfulness practice into my everyday life. I'd tried in the past to get going on my own using books and apps etc, but felt learning from an experienced practitioner was going to be the most successful way to do this."

“Hi Vickie I just wanted to say thank you so much for the time you have spent with us teaching us mindfulness. I have learnt so much and feel it has been invaluable time spent with you… thank you for all the audio tapes you have sent and the notes for mindfulness techniques and yoga exercises… I wish you the best of love and luck with your amazing practice.”

"Vicky is an excellent teacher. The time flew by and I looked forward to the following week. It was a haven during lockdown. I started to incorporate the principles into my daily life and felt the benefits almost immediately. I slept better, took more care of my diet and increased my exercise. Relationships improved as I feel I have learnt to listen better too.  It has been a very personal journey.

I have started to recognise my stressors and have learnt how to relax more. I learnt how to let things go, I worry less and care more about what really matters in my life i.e. the wet towels on the bathroom floor don’t irritate me any more! Well only sometimes.

I already had several activities that I did to help me cope with the world, but they now have more importance in my daily life. It has helped me realise taking time for me is essential. You have taught me mindfulness techniques that will remain with me all my life. It has also given me the desire to learn more about mindfulness and I would like to study it further. "

“I highly recommend this course. It will change your life.”

"I have really been enjoying doing the practices. Setting aside time has been something to look forward to each day.

I have found myself mindfully doing things that used to irritate me, like doing the cleaning. Without intending or realising I'm noticing that I am taking myself through different thought processes whilst doing certain tasks.

I'm reflecting more on why I feel the way I do about certain things and where those feelings come from.

As a result I feel I have been so much more productive and pro active- getting things done without procrastinating or putting things off.

And dare I say actually enjoying them and feeling more enegrgised afterwards. I can’t quite believe it.

I am not stuffing bad feelings down- im questioning them with kind curiosity and exploring them. Thank you so much for all you are doing."

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