10 minute Breath Practice

30 minute Body Scan


30 minute Body Scan

(version 2)

30 Minute Sitting Practice

45 minute body scan

Lying down yoga 45 min

Lying Down Yoga

Standing yoga

30 minutes

30 min Sitting Practice (less guidance)

Mountain Practice

15 minutes

15 minute body scan

Week 5 Sit 30 minute

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"Vicky is an excellent teacher. The time flew by and I looked forward to the following week. It was a haven during lockdown. I started to incorporate the principles into my daily life and felt the benefits almost immediately. I slept better, took more care of my diet and increased my exercise. Relationships improved as I feel I have learnt to listen better too.  It has been a very personal journey. I have started to recognise my stressors and have learnt how to relax more. I learnt how to let things go, I worry less and care more about what really matters in my life."

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