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Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction

MBSR is an 8 week, 10 session course, comprising about 28 hours of teaching.

It is delivered in a group format, at the moment due to COVID-19 it will be online and I take up to 12 people so that I can offer a high quality service.


It is a structured programme in mindfulness meditation training and mindful movement practice, shown to improve well-being, pain, handling everyday challenges and coping with medical conditions.


Designed to help people learn how to incorporate and apply mindfulness practice into our everyday lives, it's intention is to provide a structured pathway to relieve suffering for those facing a wide range of medical and emotional issues and for those of us who are simply finding the everyday demands of modern day life tough and stressful.


It has been shown to help people adopt more positive health behaviours and make lifestyle changes to support our health. It promotes enhanced emotional resilience and develops an overarching sense of better well-being.


Anecdotal and scientific research shows that MBSR is an effective approach to health and well-being improvement and will give you skills that you will be able to use for life.


The classes are live, online via Zoom, and are interactive, there is no pressure for anyone to share but there is opportunity to do so if you feel comfortable with it. 

There is an orientation session a week or so prior to the course beginning, then we meet each week for  2.5 hours. Each week follows a theme and comprises a variety of mindfulness practices, discussion of the practices, learning activities around how we perceive stress and talks on stress and news ways of handling it. Home practice forms a large part of the course, each week I will provide access to audio practices to do each day at home and a weekly "workbook".

There is an optional but recommended day of home practice, a retreat, on the Saturday or Sunday in-between Week 6 & Week 7.

You may also contact me in-between sessions if you need to. 

MBSR is not therapy, we don't  go into details about your past or delving deep into personal issues.

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