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Introduction to Foundations of MBSR

An introductory 3 session course for people working in health care.

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MBSR was originally developed over 40 years ago at the Stress Reduction Clinic at the University of Massachusetts Medical Centre by Dr Jon Kabat-Zinn. Since then it has demonstrated clear and tangible evidence in reduction of the impact of stress across a wide range of individuals in a huge range of situations.

I have adapted this 3 session introductory course in the foundational elements of MBSR to give you a thorough grounding in the fundamental teachings of MBSR so that you may integrate this in down to earth, practical yet meaningful ways in your daily life.

Each week will build on the previous session, exploring and building on the learning. I will teach you a variety of brief, core meditation practices that you can integrate into your life as your day unfolds.

A variety of exercises in mindful living will also be offered alongside an overview of the theory.

There is a level of motivation, energy and commitment required on your part to show up each week and actively engage in the sessions and as best you can to "do" the home practice each day and to experiment with the mindful exercises. 

If you have recently experienced big life events such as bereavement, divorce and so on, do consider it now is a good time for you to be undertaking this and do feel free to discuss this with me by telephone or email.If you have a diagnosis of a significant mental health issue or a substance addiction and would like to take part please do contact me to discuss this further.

Please listen to the audio orientation above and explore the rest of the site.

Dates and times of sessions (places are limited )

Tuesdays 7pm till 8pm on Zoom 6th , 13th & 20th April 2021

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